Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I make Jewelry too! My necklace for an contest

I guess it is a not-so-hidden-secret that I also make jewelry and typically I keep it off of this blog but...

I am really proud of this one. :) (which I have frequented for about 7 or 8 years now) had a contest on their blog to win some beads they had gotten at the big Tucson bead show. Think of this bead show as the ComicCon of bead shows, haha. Anyhow, to win a $50 gift certificate, I have to submit my necklace into a contest and receive the most "Likes" on Facebook or shares on Pinterest. 

I think I will call it 
That Time in Old New Mexico

I lived in New Mexico for a year and found the desert inspiring and also sobering. 

I wanted to pay homage to not just the surface level or obvious imagery of the southwest but the every day and even hidden things that are taken for granted. The history of the southwest is also incredibly vivid and epic so I wanted to incorporate an historic photograph in this design.

My image is of a soldadera; she just kinda spoke to me. Women have the most interesting histories the world around, particularly in male-dominated cultures. Seeing photos of women holding guns and wearing bandoleros, standing straight and looking right at the camera---gives one chills! 

Things I used to make this necklace are as follows:

Soldadera photo under liquid transfer sculpey
Primo clovis point 2-to-1 link, painted with acrylic and varnished
sculpey Spanish mission style pendant and 3-to-1 link, painted and varnished
Jasper cylinders and roundelles
Small gunmetal freshwater pearls (won from
White and orange agate faceted rounds (won from
Large goldenrod ceramic disc beads
Mookaite briolette
Marbled plastic globe (won from
Metallic plastic ovals (won from
Black and white clay bead (won from
Seed beads
Copper wire in different gauges
Braided leather

Does it look like a Clovis point?! I hope so! This is where my archaeologist skills come in handy...

The less literal inspiration:
Setting sun and rising sun, new moon, insect larvae, wildflowers, shotgun pellets, copper, silicates, Mimbres pottery, churches, adobe, rosaries, snakes, Clovis points and Blackwater Draw (I'm an archaeologist!)

Closed slip knot toggle

Opened slip knot toggle

I wanted a unique toggle, as well. I was thinking of bolo ties and whips, all sorts of cattle and horse related paraphenlia...then I came up with this toggle: a braided leather slip knot. I didn't want it to be morbid (like if it were made of twine  and wrapped around the end) and I wanted to use more beads from the prize. It goes on really easy and stays there when it is tightened :D

What do you all think? Would you like to see posts on jewelry sometimes?


  1. Where is the link to vote for you? Your necklace is truly inspired.

    1. Thanks so much! I haven't gotten a link yet. I don't think the voting starts until May 12th. I will post back on this :)

  2. In case you don't know,I am holding my 2nd blog anniversary this month.Here's the link if you want to come over and enter.

  3. Wonderful!! Looking at that beautiful necklace is like reading a story, so enthralling, so intriguing. Well done!!

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