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My feedback on MUA. I pack items with care (and samples when I have them).


US First Class
$2.00 for 1
Every additional nail polish is .50 extra 
5 or more: $5.50 Priority Mail
10 or more: $10 flat rate box

Please email with your picks and I will send back a total (and keep the items held until you pay)
***International shipping is at your own risk! I cannot track these items!***

See something you like? Make an offer! I need to empty out my purge pile!


Frankens listed afterward

NOT PICTURED: Sally Hansen Barracuda --NEW-- $6 and Sally Hansen Blue Frosting -- NEW -- $4
Kiko 282 -- new -- $6
Kiko 388 -- new -- $6
Barielle Passion Pirouette --  new -- $3

Manhattan Lotus Effect 68A (purple shimmer) -- new -- $4
Chameleon by Scherer in Calypso -- used once -- $3
Sensique Fantasy Glitter 210 Confetti -- swatched -- $4
Essence Rebels in Punk Royal -- swatched -- $4
Depend blue metallic nail art -- used once -- $2

Pure Ice Affair to Remember -- new -- $3
Pure Ice Alter Ego -- used once -- $3
Accessorize Sapphire -- new -- $6
Orly Rock Solid -- swatched -- $6
Cult Nails Let me Fly -- used once -- $8

Polish Rehab Wish on a Star -- used once -- $5
Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon (glow in the dark) -- new -- $9
Nostalgic Chilly Down -- swatched -- $7

Color Club Port-Folio -- new -- $6
Wet N Wild Toxic Apple -- new -- $2
Sally Hansen Loves Me Not -- used once -- $3
Spoiled Are Mermaids Real? -- new -- $2

Matte glitter mix top coat franken -- used once -- $5
Chissa Neon Green -- new -- $2
Avon Real Starry Sky (good for stamping) -- swatched -- $2
Elf unnamed green shimmer/glitter -- used once -- $2
Jessica Lime Cooler -- swatched -- $5

piCture pOlish Marine -- used once -- $9
ANNY Fashion for Nails -- swatched -- $8
Etude House GR605 -- used once -- $4.50

Essence A Walk in the Park duo -- new -- $6
Essence Mr and Mrs Glitter -- new -- $5
P2 Color Victim 210 Eternal -- used once (thick) -- $3
Essence Chic Reloaded -- used once -- $2

Essence Blair -- swatched -- $6
Barielle Mani Extender -- new in box -- $3
Julep Kate -- shrinkwrapped -- $4
Wet n Wild Its All in the Cut -- used once -- $2

Venique Sidewalk Surfer -- new -- $4
China Glaze Trendsetter -- new -- $4
China Glaze Ruby Deer -- new -- $3
China Glaze Ruby Deer -- new -- $3

Sally Hansen Greige Gardens -- new -- $4
OPI Schnapps Out of It -- new -- $6
OPI Rumple's Wiggin' -- new -- $12
OPI Stranger Tides -- new -- $6

Fill as described

London Bridge is Falling Brown -- full to middle of NAIL -- $10
Plymoth Lox -- full to middle of OPI -- $10
Mother Road Rose -- full to under NAIL -- $6
Unknown, looks almost identical to God Save the Queen's Nails except the slightest shade darker -- nearly full -- $6

OPI Back in the Saddle -- full to right under OPI -- $10
Los Cabos Coral -- to under NAIL -- $8
OPI God Save the Queen's Nails -- full to shoulder -- $8
Cheyenne Pepper -- at bottom of OPI -- $10

Don't Melbourne the Toast (GREEN LABEL) -- middle of NAIL -- $5
Unknown peachy-pink with silver shimmer -- fill right above NAIL -- $5
Niagara Falls for OPI -- 95% full (to shoulder) -- $10
Wet n Wild Mauve Frost -- FREE with $10+ purchase

That's All Bright With Me --used once -- $6
Never Lon-Done Shopping -- 60-65% -- $8
Cinema Cinnamon -- 75% --$10

Konad starter kit -- new and in package -- $10 (shipping will be $3 for this to begin)

Ungaro Fever, tested once, $9
Avon Outspoken by Fergie, opened box, squirted once, $9
Avon Surreal Garden (~85% full), $10
Demeter Magnolia, 95% full, $7
Demeter Hello Kitty, 98% full, $7

Pacifica Lotus Garden rollerball, tested a couple times (too citrus-y for me), $6
BBW Wild Honeysuckle EDT, .5ml (MINI, from probably 2006 or 07), 60ish% left, $6
LAVANILLA Vanilla Blackberry sample (1ml?), $3
Juliette Has a Gun: Midnight Oud EDP, decant 80% of 1ml tester, $3
Ferragamo Incanto Bliss spray sample, 1.5 ml? 60% left, $1
Diane by Diane Von Furstenberg 1.2ml carded spray sample, $2
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue, carded 1.5ml vial, $2

5mL bottles
Eve (unopened, aged as it has a white cap), $6
Cambienne: 5-31-07(top of label), WAND cap, $9

Poppets (~1ml sample), $1.00 unless stated
Haute Love
Lamp Black
Midnight Mass at Old St. Mary's
Mt. Lookout $2.50
Napoleon and Josephine
Sex Juice

BPAL imps (~1ml sample), $1.50 unless stated:

Morgana Cryptoria Anastasia -- used once -- $4
Darling Girl 24k Rose -- used once -- $2

Urban Decay 24/7 shadow pencils in Delinquent and Clash -- used 2x -- $3 each

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate in Superb Sangria and Top Notch Tulip -- used once -- $2 each

Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Devour -- used twice, a few pieces of lint from cosmetic sponge in it -- $10
Tokidoki eyeshadow in Bulletto -- used once -- $4
Illamasqua Cream Eyeshadow in Malevolent -- swatched -- $7

Revlon Lip Butter in Lolipop -- used once -- $2
Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze -- used once -- $3

MAC Lady Danger -- use as shown -- $7
MAC Brick-O-La -- use as shown -- $8
Cover Girl Feline -- used once -- $3
Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Aisling (melted in transit but still useable and intact) -- $6

Close up of Aisling (bluey sparkles in it)

Close up of Lady Danger and Brick-O-La

Aromaleigh Pool of Tears, Crucio, Hearts o Plenty, Eos -- all swatched -- $3.50 each

Fyrinnae minis in SOLD, SOLD,  Steampunk, SOLD, Alchemist's Curse, and sample of SOLD -- all new -- $2 each

Moi Minerals Venus and River Rain -- new and sealed -- $3 each
GeekChic Cosmetics full size blush in Nerdgasm (5g; like NARS Orgasm) -- used a couple times -- $6

Sweet Libertine Moon Dust, Changeling, Above the Clouds, Karma, Hemoglobin Delight -- all swatched -- $3 each

Julep hand scrub (small) -- new -- $2

Chameleon Kameleon Kolors duochrome pigments (DISCONTINUED)
$18 each, slightly less than 2gr. per baggie (enough to make a LOT of polish)
$50 for all 3

AVON ANEW products
Factory Sealed
Make offers, I just want to get rid of them!!


Read THIS post before buying

Click on image to enlarge.

NEW Hand-Mixed Frankens 

$7 each

I want that glitter, I want it now!
Berry, purple, and golden-green glitters in a syrupy berry base

Inspired by the human Luna from Sailor Moon S, one of my favorite movies
White and satin white matte hex glitter with golden shimmer in a dark purple-glowy base

Plastic Bubblegum Ice Cream
What in the world were we EATING as kids?!
Hot pink milky base with lots of matte neon hexes and little white matte hexes

Gamma Radiation
Don't smash the polish!
Milky neon green base with green, purple, and pink large matte hexes, little purple matte hexes, and satin white medium sized hexes

The Velvet Sagan
Because it looks like a velvety, sparling night sky
Indigo-cobalt base with pinkish glow and pinkish-violet shimmer (SHEER)

Playing in the Rain
Yellow raincoat, grey sky, endless fun
Yellow, white, blue and satin green hexes in a grey milky base

Remember the 80s?
I do.
Milky base with tiny green and pink matte glitter, matte pink and black hexes, squares, and circles

I <3 Unicorns
Inept vampires agree: this polish is AWE-SOME
Grey milky base with purple, satin pink, lilac, and white glitters of various shapes, purple iridescent glitters, and pink shimmer.

Swatches (click to enlarge)


A Salad Day
One day is enough! Give me some chicken!

Metallic and matte glitters in suspension base. First two (third is behind the first two) have GREEN shimmer, third has a little more GREEN shimmer, last two are shimmer-free (in first photo). This contains reflective glitter but also has matte glitter. The shimmer was added by request to some of my customs so I filled up extras.

Only 1 shimmer is left now
15mL bottle filled -- $6 each

Guitar Girl Collection

Black Hearted Love
Probably not the best expenditure of energy...

Berry purple jelly base with red shimmer, like exposed viscera in the noon sun. Purple, red, and black glitters of varying shapes and sizes (including black hearts) float in this sea of rotten love.
2 blobbed coats on swatches. Recommended as a layering polish.

1 full size and 2 minis available
15mL full size -- $7
6 mL mini -- $3

Down by the Water
This is not the fun day by the river you promised, is it...

Murky turquoise base with blue and subtle green shimmer, light only penetrating the surface just so. Sparingly used glitters include matte blue, teal, and white, like a glimpse of torn petticoat underwater--or possibly something more sinister.
2 coats on swatches

2 full size available
15mL full size -- $7

White Chalk
Gimmie that English countryside

Foggy grey base like a stay on a Southern English shore. Matte pastel blue, green, and white with matte white, blue, and green glitters of various sizes and shapes. 2 Kinds of color shifting glitter (purple/blue and orange/green) and green and blue microglitter to be shine for you when the sun comes out of the haze. 
1 full size and 1 mini available
15mL full size -- $7
6 mL mini -- $3

Your Standard Issue Frankens
Made for myself but I possibly never used them...

The Dowager Countess
The Ladies of Downton Abbey Collection
Oh, dear...*holds hankie up to mouth*

Shimmery dusty purple jelly base with gold shimmer flakes and white, lavender, and purple glitter.
Swatch is 2 coats on top half, one coat on bottom half
Hand-blended AND Store-bought
15mL bottle very nearly full -- $7

Lady Sybil's Fancy Pants
The Ladies of Downton Abbey Collection
She was always the rebellious sort...

Milky base with periwinkle satin and navy metallic glitters in 3 different sizes each.
Swatches are over Sinful Colors Nirvana, ring finger has 2 coats, 1 on the rest.
Large periwinkle glitter has some curling.
15mL bottle, filled -- $7

Nati's Flakie Glitter
So there is a Brazilian polish brand called Nati, my chosen nickname. This is my take on one of their popular colors! 

I used Sinful Colors Green Ocean with berry and garnet hexes.
Blobbed on coat in swatch
Store-bought AND hand-mixed
5mL mini bottle, full -- $3, must purchase with something else!

Like pinning a poppy to your nails! Eh..

Bright poppy coral jelly base with black matte hexes and golden shimmer.
Swatch is 2 coats.
15mL bottle, very nearly full -- $7

Misty Mountain
Kinda like a polish (Smoke Dragon)by a certain creator. Just sayin'.

Gunmetal base with silver hexes and squares, black matte glitter, purple metallic glitter, and some gunmetal hexes. Has a subtle green shimmer within silver shimmer.
Swatches are 1 blobby coat over white (top) and one blobby coat over nothing (bottom).
15mL, full -- $7

Like a shot of early 90s fashion straight into the veins

Matte black micro bars, green matte micro glitter, and pink matte micro glitter
Swatches are 1 coat
6mL mini, full -- $3
See GLITTER MIXES page for baggies of this polish!

Blended Valentines
For those who simply have no mercy when it comes to that dreadful day

All matte glitter in pink, pink satin, dark pink, red shredded, white satin, and white.
Swatch is two-ish carefully blobbed coats
Nearly-full (can add a spot more) 15mL bottle -- $7

Hipster Uniform
Too tight jeans: check. Second-hand shirt: check. Ironic facial hair: check. Self-awareness: seems to have gone missing.

Light brown milky base with 2 tones of blue, white, rose, and black matte glitters. Sorry for the photo quality, it refused to photograph right!
Swatch is 2 layers
Mini 6mL bottle, full to shoulder -- $3

Lies of the Rich and Famous
You can't trust a word they say, can you?

Loads of gold and black glitter in a clear base (glitter top coat)
First swatch over Aqua Lily dupe, second is one coat alone
Can thin it out to make it more manageable (it is thick)
Hand-mixed AND Store-bought
Can custom a full 15mL size (less thick) for $9
In a pretty full 8mL Julep bottle -- $5

Warm Metal

Gold and Copper glitters in a clear base (glitter top coat)
One coat in swatch
Store-bought polishes
In a 5-6mL bottle -- 2

Franken Take the Wheel
I didn't want Suzi to take it, that is for sure.

A dark-to-medium grey creme
Almost a one-coater
Store-bought polish
Half to 65% full in a 14mL bottle -- $3

Tidal Pool
For all my fellow blue and blue-green lovers out there.

Huge mix of aqua, teal, blue, and turquoise glitters in a teal blue jelly base
Left swatch is one coat dabbed on, right swatch is 2 coats dabbed on
Full 15mL bottle -- $6

We all want a teal jelly, right?!

Teal jelly polish
Swatch is 2 coats I think
Store-bought polishes
full to shoulder of 5-6mL bottle -- $2


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  3. can i get vanity and lust palette for 12 shipped to canada?

    1. Shipping to CA would be $3.50 so I could do $14 total, is that good?

  4. sure. invoice at

  5. Replies
    1. Send an email to noholosblog at gmail dot com with your mailing address and I will send you the paypal email

  6. how much is ship for Kat von D palette to brazil??? Ty ^^

    1. $10 + $6 shipping so $16 total
      Please email me at noholosblog at gmail dot com if you are interested and I will send you the email address where you can send payment.

  7. Hey there is the kat von d palette still pending?

    1. No, actually, it fell through as she never got back to me. If you would like it, please email me :))

  8. I am obsessed with bar glitters and I'd love a good top coat but I haven't seen any. Do you do requests? Or know of any nail polishes like this?

    1. I have made an approximation of a popular frankener's polish named Kabalah Bracelet before. I only have about 4 colors of bar glitters, though :(

    2. That's okay. How about glow in the dark?

    3. I do not have glow in the dark glitter, either. I am waiting to see if youmix gets this in soon.

  9. I love your extra comments under the names of the polishes! ;)

  10. If you ever make any more Salad Day with a clear base email me please. house DOT of DOT fun AT gmail DOT com
    I am in the US

  11. Is there any chance you'll be making more of the A Salad Day without the green shimmer? Or any other of Lynn's nail polishes, for that matter? You're incredibly talented!

    1. The Fauxderella (the first 4 in franken sale) are similar to Lynns. I have baggies of the Kabalah Bracelet dupe I can add to base ($7 each). I am out of a few Salad Day glitters and cannot purchase them at the moment. :/ In Glitter Mixes (tab at the top of the page), there is a periwinkle mix called Silk Chiffon that is similar to Forget You Not and I will be posting a satin white glitter mix that is similar to Snow Angel but with bigger glitters.

    2. I posted a comment on your blog since I didn't see your email anywhere. I have something for ya, if you see this!

  12. I would really really REALLY like a non shimmer salad day.

  13. Urban decay 24/7 pencils availbl and shipping to pakistan

  14. Demeter Magnolia, 95% full, $7
    Demeter Hello Kitty, 98% full, $7
    MAC Lady Danger -- use as shown -- $7
    MAC Brick-O-La -- use as shown -- $8
    to 65806. :)

  15. hello,
    did you end up selling your Kameleon Kolors duochrome pigments?
    I know its been a long time but I wanted to check ; )