Franken Purchasing

For those purchasing frankens from my blog sale, here are some things to think about before you take the plunge:

  • Unless it is a limited edition run, you are buying a one-of-a-kind franken, not an indie polish. This means that I have made a single bottle of it (or one bottle and a mini). 
    • The exception to this rule, of course, are dupe or sorta-like polishes. I totally get lemming a HTF or super pricey franken/indie and not being able to have it. I can work something out with you if I have materials but it will still be a custom polish, not from a batch.
  • Frankens can be either all store-bought glitter, some store-bought and some hand-mixed, or all hand-mixed. 
  • I will try to note any issues encountered with the franken to date. 
  • Hand-Mixed frankens: Large and square glitters are susceptible to some REFLECTIVE curling. Glitters were tested by the vendor (not manufacturer) but may still bleed or curl beyond wearability. I try to keep an eye on them and not pass on frankens that have issues, but one or two may slip by. I don't know, I have never had this happen so far but there is a first time for everything! Sinking may happen over time; I use an orange stick to mix it back up and then shake it vigorously. Sometimes I can't fix that outside of dumping the mix and I hate wasting :(
  • The store-bought glitter frankens will probably be more stable but could curl or sink themselves. Pigments may also separate from the base; this is normal in all polish brands! Just shake it up :)
  • If you see a relatively simple franken elsewhere and LOVE IT SO MUCH (and it can't be easily purchased, if at all), let me know and we may be able to work something out (again, a custom polish). But I will ALWAYS encourage you to try frankening first! Indies like NerdLacquer are super easy to franken with store-bought polish (I have recipes for some of them in a blog post). 
  • Frankens are an As-Is item but I encourage everyone to email me if you have ANY issues with your franken. Not every case is the same and I try to be fair. But I am not a business, just a hobbyist, so I may not be able to reformulate your franken or replace it. What I CAN do is send you something else.
  • Why am I selling these when I had no intentions on doing so? Well, they are piling up...and I am just one person. My mom is very weirded out by the glitter, so I can't really share with her. My cousin and step-sister are completely disinterested in polish. I would also like to share. 
  • If you feel like the cost is too much, here is how I calculate it:
    • Bottles are about .50 each, even minis
    • The suspension base in hand-mixed frankens is about $2 per 15mL bottle
    • The glitter is pretty cheap per bottle, but in bulk is a little pricey for a hobbyist
    • Store-bought glitter frankens are actually a bit more expensive depending on the glitter
    • Not to mention shipping costs for supplies, shipping costs to the buyer, and time costs
    • I do try to keep the cost as low as possible, however!

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