All of my posts are solely the opinion of Nat of No Holos! blog. Many posts on this blog are simply to showcase nail art or to provide readers with tutorials but often, an opinion of a product may be expressed. I will always give honest reviews of my experiences with a product or a company when and if I am reviewing. Not every product will work for every person. We all have different tastes as well as different chemistry so what I enjoy, you may not enjoy. What polish works well with my chemistry may not work well for yours, and so on. Reviews are important to me so I will only review products I can devote the time and appreciation to reviewing thoroughly. Blogging is not my job, after all, so if you see no negative or positive  descriptors concerning a product being used, do not assume it is any statement about the quality or lack thereof of the product. 

I am not liable for any problems that you may have from trying a product that I review.  If you have any issues with any product you try, you should contact the company and, if it is an allergic reaction, you should see a doctor. I may accept products for consideration and do not guarantee reviews. I will always state if a product was sent to me by a public relations representative or a business owner for consideration. This may not happen a lot but when it does, I want to assure my readers of my honest opinion and review that is detailed and accurate to my experience.

Nearly all of the items you see me use and review in my blog are purchased by me. I always give an honest review of how the product worked for me, whether I purchased it or it was sent to me for consideration. My reviews are not influenced by third parties such as advertisers, brand representatives, public relation representatives, company owners, etc. I do not use ads on my site and will not for the foreseeable future. I will be as honest as possible about my experiences with a company but I will not always go into detail about bad experiences. I feel that people should be aware of poor customer service and product but have been the subject of harassment in the past and do not wish my personal identity to be enmeshed with my blogging identity. At times, I will censor my assessment based on my own judgment of my safety and peace of mind but I will not lie.

Comments left by readers do not reflect the views of noholos.blogspot.com. Please do not post links of ‘come visit my blog’ in the comments section of my blog. If you would like me to feature your blog on my blogroll or to highlight your blog in a Guest Post or as a shared Facebook link, please EMAIL ME Please do not leave negative comments anywhere on my blog----you wouldn't like it if people did it to you and you did not have to read my blog in the first place! 

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