Friday, October 5, 2012

Review: Rainbow Honey -The Yokai - in Oni

Rainbow Honey's The Yokai Collection
October 13th it goes on sale at the above link!

Cute boxes and labels

Yokai are spirits in Japanese folklore, which is a WONDERFUL theme for a Halloween nail polish collection from your favorite otaku indie, Rainbow Honey! Well, they are my favorite anyhow :D

This is a limited edition set of GORGEOUS shimmer/glitters in golden brown with golden flakies and pink/purple sparkle (Oni), maize camel with orange glitter (Kitsune), and a deep navy shimmer with intense silver and rainbow sparkle and flakies (Kawako)

Each represent a particular kind of Japanese spirit.

Forgive my rushed photography. The sun was setting and I was in a RUSH to put on the polish to show you all at least one mani! Trust me, I will be going back to this one.

So today, it is ONI! 

From Rainbow Honey's press statement:
"ONI: The malevolent wild demon"

This one needs a good top coat but it is not terribly thirsty for it. Oni goes on smooth for the first coat but is a little rough on the second coat and I imagine that is from how LOADED with shimmer it is. 
Rainbow Honey's bottles are similar if not identical to Cult Nails' bottles and have a pretty decent if run of the mill brush. 

This is how shiny it is with top coat. Very gorgeous! You can't see it much in this shot but there are magenta-pink and purple sparks that fly off of this one. It is like Tony Moly Mars but MUCH easier to work with and with a MUCH better payoff. Also, the base color and sparkle are much like Orly Buried Alive L'Oreal Owl's Night but Oni is a lot more complex and darker. 

I doodled a little with some Hello Kitty Gold Star glitter. There is no photographing how awesome these are together. Oni are like crazy demon troll things and I didn't have time to paint anything like that on my nails, so I went with......spirals. Waaaah waaah. Sorry, the next two will have cool art :D

You can only imagine how pretty this is through photos.

The amount of sparkle is kind of like Zoya Kimber but amped up. I am not sure how Dee of Rainbow Honey managed to pack in this much flaky-sparkle goodness without making the formula IMPOSSIBLE to work with.

Here is a bokeh shot to show you the golden-ruby-amethyst-tourmaline sparkle. UGH I love it. It is PERFECT for fall. I may purge my bottle of L'Oreal Owl's Night... >_>

How would I rate this polish on a scale of 1-10?
Uniqueness: 8
There are some similar to this but not quite as intense.

Formula: 7
It is a little clumpy but this is unnoticeable with top coat. There is no chunky glitter in this one so it makes it a much easier to apply polish than your standard indie glitter.

Payoff: 9
I LOVE THE SPARKLES. Truly, very eye-catching and gorgeous. I GASPED when I unpacked this one in particular. If you are warm-skinned and/or love brown or gold, I would recommend this polish.

ONI rates an 8 for me by those standards

I will be reviewing the next two in this collection in the next few days :D STAY TUNED and thank you for sitting through my first review!

All 3 polishes were sent to me for my honest review.


  1. I wasnt too crazy about anything from Rainbow Honey's original collection, but I really like Oni. Wow. And that blurry shot at the end is what is making me decide to buy it. :)

    1. I accidentally took that shot but it shows the sparkle colors SO well that I had to share :D This color is so sophisticated but wildly blingy. I used to hate brown so much but gold + brown + flakies + sorta glass fleck finish = AWESOME

  2. Awesome swatch! That golden swirl over Oni is pure win, I am loving it! So... just added another polish to my lemming list. :D

    1. Thanks! I did my best with the photos but we have had NO SUNLIGHT other than the pathetic amount I got yesterday. I might revisit trying to photograph this one to show how truly sparkly it can be.

  3. Um, this is absolutely gorgeous I love it!! <3

  4. I loved this post and am now following your blog that I discovered because of this post! I linked to this post on my blog post today because people should see how pretty Oni looks with the gold swirls you added!

    1. Aww thank you! I can't wait to post about Kitsune :) I am following you now!

  5. Wow that is so pretty! You should do a video tutorial to show how you did the swirls. It looks a lot more detailed than just doodling lol.