Friday, May 18, 2012

Frankening NerdLacquers

I bought one NerdLacquer back in January. I have since sold it on a blogsale. I did not like the formula (gloopy) and the color was way darker/greener than it was in the photos. I never got one returned email, so I never bought from them again.

I did learn that this indie seller went out of business (putting it nicely) and that there are still people who want the polish. I decided to use my mixing skills to eyeball franken mixtures for you all. Yep, eyeball. From all my store-bought glitter mixing, here are some recipes!


This is off the top of my head. You will want to play with the fractions in your mini or full size bottle. Use this as a starting point and work with it to get it to what you want it to be. As long as you like it, right?

All of Time and Space:
Chunky silver hex glitter. Milani, Jordana, LA Colors, just about every brand has one. They are a medium hex sometimes with smaller glitter.
Get a polish with small silver glitter only.
Get a polish with dense shimmer. Wet N Wild Break the Ice or Kleancolor Metallic White could work.
For the huge silver hexes: get Kleancolor Chunky Silver.
Get a Fuchsia glitter. Milani, Jordana have these, so does NYX Girls, etc.
Get a pale minty shimmery mica, either an eyeshadow or a mica sample. This will be the color of the polish base. The NL has a shimmery colored base and this give you the same thing.

1/4 Fuchsia glitter
1/8 chunky silver
1/8 small silver glitter
1/4 kleancolor chunky silver
1/4 dense white shimmer polish (you may need less of this, more small silver glitter; look at swatches)
add minty mica/pigment to color (use VERY LITTLE at a time. VERY little.)

If you just play around, you can make a polish you love without going insane or spending a lot of $$. Kleancolors are 1-3$ each, LA Colors are $1-2, Milani are more expensive and Jordanas are $3. LA Girl has glitter, too. You need the Kleancolor Chunky Silver, definitely, because it is one of the few polishes with huge hex glitters.

going to need some medium-small blue and gold hex glitter (Girly Bits is now selling some)
Start with Kleancolor Tiara Gold (1/4-1/2)
Add LA Girls Uninhibited (1/8-1/4)
A little bit of LA Girl Aqueous
A bit of a metallic bronze (maybe Sh Brone Ablaze) one drop at a time. Should be rather sheer.
Add some shimmery white/clear polish or whit shimmer mica drop by drop
Add loose glitter mentioned above (I have these colors of glitter sitting in my helmer from Girly Bits)

Start with a glitter polish that has tiny holo glitters in it. I think even WnW has one for 99 cents.
Red glitter like LA Girl Animate
Medium pink glitter like WnW Sparked
A pure burgundy/vampy red creme; add one drop at a time to get a jelly. I recommend Revlon Vixen
There are different formulations of this so if you want other stuff in it, toss it in. I have seen one with silver holo hexes; Jordana makes a polish like this or you can use ChG Techno

Cold and Calculating:
Start with KC Chunky Silver, 1/6 or more.
Generic silver hex glitter polish, medium sized, 1/6
Smaller silver hex glitter, like in the AoTaS recipe 1/6
Purple hex glitter, LA girl Eutopia?, 1/8-1/6
Shimmer: maybe Sh Diamonds 1/6
I would use a mix of WnW Buffy the Violet Slayer and Essie Sexy Divide (the latter to warm it up a little). Really, you just need a dark purple. Add a few drops at a time.

Batcave is a charcoal base with small silvery glitter and big blue holo hexes. I would skip the holo and go for
KC Blue Eyed Girl 1/4 with
ChG Techno or the Jordana silver holo polish 1/4
then add 1/4 small silver or holo silver glitter and the rest charcoal-metallic polish.

Warrior Ethos
1/6 KC Red Hot
2/6 LA Girl Uninhibited
2/6 LA Girl Animate
Add a few drops of a pure red creme until it is a bright blood red.
If you can find some loose red, small glitter, add that in. Otherwise, try to find a polish with fine red glitter like Sephora's Hello Kitty Red Sparkle and add less than 1/6 to the mix (HK Red sparkle is VERY dense so do little bits at a time).

Do you have any others? Some of these are just like other polishes (Cold and Calculating is like Shiny but Shiny has an ice blue base and just silver glitter).


  1. NerdLacquer went out of business??? Do you know any details? You can email me frankenstyna at if you don't wanna post here.

    I really liked NerdLacquer, the colors I got were great and I had no complains!

    1. As far as anyone knows, she just bailed. Up and disappeared. Some people think it is a death in the family or whatever. But Harlow & Co. and ThinkGeek aren't selling them anymore (I think TG clearanced what they had) and Harlow had to post an "I'm sorry, we have no idea why she won't write back" status on their wall. I had a bad experience but there are a lot of people who had good ones. I have just heard so many stories about sinking glitter, discoloration, inaccurate polishes, and the big one, no returned emails. It really isn't hard to return an email!

      More than likely, she was overwhelmed with the amount of business; for some reason, she just kept getting into business with resellers and took a long time to restock. She didn't even have a glamour base problem as many people have stated she just mixed either private label or bulk purchased polish. I made this post so people could try to make their lemmings, if anything. She had a great concept and business but I don't think she knew a thing about running a business. :(

  2. I want this sooo much!! XD SO pretty! :D