Sunday, April 7, 2013

Fruity Franken Mani: Still Going Strong

I made this polish awhile back when I saw a Brazilian polish that is very similar on a blog. I had no access to buying it and DIYed it. I added more little glitters than the original but this was the general idea. I used copper and mint green hexes and kelly green mini glitters. It kinda looks like the Essence Fruity color Kiwi a Day (without the big glitters). Super spring-y!

Close up

I wish I remembered the brand and color of the inspiration polish! This is still going strong, though, after 3 days. I am about to go play putt-putt golf with the husband and it ends up that this is a super cute putt-putt mani :) It is also a BEAUTIFUL day out! I am very happy.

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