Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catching up on NOTDs and Progress Report

First off, please consider entering my nail art contest!!! :D

I only have one submitted entry so far and would love to see more! The first entry is a pretty tapestry pattern mani using stamps and rhinestones. Please don't be afraid of doing your own thing! :)

Now, on to the NOTDs!

First up: China Glaze Man Hunt under KBShimmer Bejeweled

This is dark but I wanted to show how it glows....it glows

I know, there is a lot of tip wear here. I am also wearing a fake nail on my pinkie (I call it my 'flipper') which dissolved in the scrubby tub, haha. I lost the section of real nail that I tea-bag method attached while having a fit over a lost box (That I later found). Hey, it had all my expensive perfume in it!

I love KBShimmer so much. There is one holo glitter in the bottle but it is overshadowed by all the other beauty. Just a magnificent polish, truly.

Do you think I loved wearing it?!


This...is my right hand. And the pretty but utterly disappointing polish mini (That I thought was fine!) from WonderBeauty....It has a lot of melted glitter in it. :| But I refuse to ever talk to that woman again for the mud she slung my way when I pointed out the problems with my minis. Oh well!

It is pretty but the huge melted glitter chunks were not fun to work with. They show up in the photos as a whitish-green square (melted medium sized hexes).

AND the last one....Orly Rage!!!!!!!!!!!! With GORGEOUS custom polish accents from Lacquistry!!! I love Lacquistry. I have had a little bleeding glitter from her but she is AWESOME about all that stuff and bends over backwards to try to make you your dream customs!! 

This one has a lot of holo glitter but I don't care because it is subtle and kinda washed out color-wise (which is exactly what I wanted) and *perfect* for accenting! Look at my sad widdle pinkie sans flipper. It just isn't fair, is it, pinkie?!


Yeah, pinkie is tired of being short. 

So there you have it...I am not dead. Just trying to figure out what life for me is going to be like and living in a little room with my cats and husband in my mom's house. I have also started to use TRIND balsam treatment and I will let you all know what I think. :)


  1. Sooo pretty! I had my entry done, but I was opening one of those stupid plastic cookie containers and it scraped off my best design. Oops. Time, I need you again!

    1. It doesn't end until August 10th! You have time! :D

  2. Nice colors :) I will enter have some ideas probably email them next week ;) I intended to do it this week but don't want to take my black neon sea creation off ;)

    1. Yay! That is fine, there is plenty of time, I am just anxious to see them :D

  3. I have the same exact version of that Wonder Beauty polish but it was in a full size bottle. I wondered about those rectangle glitters - I didn't realize they were melted! Anyway I sent her swatch pictures of it because it obviously looked nothing like her pictures, and she immediately sent me a replacement bottle with the correct formula at no extra cost to me. So I had the exact opposite experience.

    1. It is a long story but she offered to replace them (two others, not this one as I thought it was fine) and I was about to move so I asked for a refund. She wanted me to send two mini bottles (I told her one of the two was fine just needed reformulated by her for mini bottles) back to her on my own dime. I was irritated by that; I was finishing my thesis and packing to move. So I told her I felt put out by that and she copied her "return policy" to me. I told her forget it, but I was going to be posting about it and she immediately sent a refund and then took to an online forum I had posted at to call me an "evil" "scammer" which I did not take lightly as she did this AS a business owner. Needless to say, I will not be dealing with her again for anything.

  4. hmmm this isn't the first I have heard about faulty formulas or bad customer service from WonderBeauty. Some of her stuff looked promising, but oh well.

  5. I still plan on entering....just haven't had time! I will though :-)