Thursday, June 21, 2012

Contests Update!

Sorry if I just now replied to your comments! 

Just a catch-up post where I let you know what is happening with the contests I entered this summer.

I won the stamping contest!! The contest was hosted by Diana of who is SUPER SWEET and awesome. I will post when I get my prize package in a few weeks :D I got decals, some crackle polish, Konad plate, stamping polish, and nail art accessories!! 

I entered this in Nails by Ms. Lizard's 4th of July Summer Themed contest and WON!! I could not believe it, back to back wins for my nail art...My prize was two patriotic frankens made by Ms. Lizard. I will be sharing the polish with my family over the holiday weekend. She wrapped the package so nicely, I feel awful for not taking a photo before I RIPPED into it!

Coming in JULY, I will also be hosting a stamping contest!!! I will have one freehand/other nail art category for my non-stamping followers, too. I will be giving away some of my favorite nail goodies, polish, and frankens of course :) I will also have a random Rafflecopter winner for those who do not feel comfortable entering nail art or don't have time.

I am very thrilled and humbled by these wins. That is why I would love to give back through a contest. I need to move first, though, in case any random costs come up (and to unburden me as I defend my thesis). So stay tuned!!

And thank you VERY much to the hosts of these contests and the judges!


  1. I nominated you for a blog award! Check out how to get it!

  2. Huge congratulations! I can't even pretend to be surprised that you won--these designs are so creative and detailed and so totally adorable. ^_^