Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stamping Sunday: Birds in Brown

Taking pictures of shimmer is just not fun without a light box. :( But oh well, the point of this post is...
Stamping Sundaaaay which is themed 'Glitter' this week.

This is Bettina Magnolia which I won in a contest given by! It is a tan color with beautiful bronzey gold shimmer/glitter in it. This is without a top coat, mind you! It is pretty chunky!

It gorgeous

This is the point at which you are inundated with photos! I stamped using the large ebay plate H19 which I only bought because of the bird imagery. Stamped with Kleancolor Dark Brown

You can see that I am playing with watermarking!

Oh right, I put LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flashy on the middle, ring, and thumb.

The flash really highlights the copper glitters

Aaaaand this is where I put more birds on it! I mixed some Konad Special Black with Kleancolor Dark Brown and stamped some birds from big ebay plate H24. I luv these birds, they're adorable little chickadees to me. 

Tired of birds yet?!? Oh, btw, that is my free Target Beauty Bag! I got it today :)) It has lots of shampoo samples (yay) and SPF 70 sunblock (yay for my face!)

Here is a photo of the plates I used. They are a little finicky sometimes and some of the images don't work as well as others. They are sooo cute tho. It was hard to get both birds on my nail in the full nail design on H19 plate (on the left; the bird design is on the right). Can you see em? Little turds. This is why i had to add more birds!! 


  1. I love this combination, with the layered, stamped birds and the little bit of glitter peeking out!