Monday, June 11, 2012

NOTD Dragon Glitter Franken!

I made a kinda pricey (for me anyhow) glitter order with YouMix last week and I decided to play around a bit. I was inspired by a franken I saw on a message board called Blood of The Dragon (based on A Song of Ice and Fire series' Daenerys Targaryen) but I don't remember the creator :/

Anyhow, I thought the concept was great but I didn't like the ginormous hexes and thought it needed a little punch up. 

This is one layer over one layer of Golden Rose 327 and an accent of Essie Jelly Apple.
I love the brown bar glitters. I got brown and white bar glitters because I think they are rather cute. The holographic ones obviously irritate me! There is NO HOLO in this franken!! yayyy!! 

It is made of shades of evergreen, grass green, copper, red, and brown with some matte green glitter thrown in for a touch of light. Draggins has teeth and claws after all!

Jelly sammitched! It looks cute like this but maybe too opaque. 

Soooo cuuuute! It's the green dragon! Another single coat on top of the jelly sandwich. There is no shimmer, but I did add tiny "floam-esque" bits of yellow matte glitter. I like it this way.

This kinda matched my dinner of red chile chicken tacos with avocado ^_^

You ever see someone hold a cat leg as a prop?! He has such bunny legs.

This is my boy! <3 look at those paws! Sorry for the furry mess, I can't keep that dang cat tree cleaan!! ><