Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random recent manis!

I have been trying to use up my untrieds lately, including some frankens I have made and never worn :)

For this one I used Orly Green Apple as a base and stamped with some of my FabUrNails stamping polishes ( I found them!)

I made a big mistake on my ring finger and got tired of re-doing it so I did a weird spiral design O_O

This is my golden shimmer seafoam franken!!

The seafoam franken is the base here. I added stamping to add some more interest. The pointer and ring also have a franken I made (based off Happy Hands Springs but with no holo!)

The thumb shows the glitter franken off; it has green to orange color shifting glitter instead of holo and smaller green hexes

This one is Essence Midnight Date set with Rainbow Honey Mare of the Moon. The flakies don't show well with the flash :(( I put the flakies over Mare of the Moon. It made a GORGEOUS pink shimmer and green flakie dual glow. Looking at it straight on, one side would be glowing green where the flakies were (with some sparse holo glitters) and one side would glow a magenta-pink...absolutely gorgeous. And the CUTE moons!! I love this polish.

The magenta shimmer is VERY subtle on camera!

Are you seeing flakies?!

Flakies plus shimmer?!

The blue underneath Mare of the Moon makes it an indigo is gorgeous <3 <3

I probably ruined it by stamping, but I wanted to try something cute!

This is Mavela Pistachio and Essence No More Drama with the Dollish Polish glitter top coats based off of the Legend of Zelda (Hero of Time and Hylian Princess)

I tried to make it interesting with the scallops, but maybe it is a little too busy, haha


  1. Hey there! These are all so pretty...and I love the Rainbow Honey with the moons in it. :) Also, you were one of the most deserving people that sprang to mind when I was choosing who to give this award to...:)

  2. Hello! I just awarded you the Liebster Award for your cute nails! You can check it out here: :)

  3. Hey Nat! I've also nominated you for the Versatile blogger award. :)

  4. I LOVE the mermaid stamping! Its beautiful, great job!

    I've also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, heres my link

  5. Hi Nat! Ummm Wow! I stopped by to tell you I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger. Lol.. I guess we all had the same idea. Haha! You're a pretty popular girl I see. anyways, here's my post :)

  6. Haha I ALSO stopped by to tell you that I nominated you for an award, and I chose this post to comment on because I love these manis so much, especially the fruit one. They're pretty much all gorgeous.
    Here's the link, I think you need an award for most awarded blog :)