Monday, August 27, 2012


First, thank you to all who participated in the NoHolos First ever Nail Art Contest!!! Sorry it has taken so long to announce the winners. It has been a really weird adjustment to be an unemployed college grad.


Expert Stamping: D.i.a.n.a.

I was honored that Diana, a very unique and talented stamper and all-around awesome lady, entered my contest not once but TWICE! 

Here is what she used for her design:

Base is a gradient of Golden Rose Paris Magic color 327 & 328.
All stamped with Konad SN black.
Thumb: head M27, body H11, wing BM314, fire out of his mouth H20, sort of castle wall XL B.
Index: dragon fire BM12, sort of castle wall XL B.
Middle finger: head and body HB016, wing BM314, tail BM305, sort of castle wall XL B.
Ring finger: head M27, body BM15, wing BM314, tail BM305, sort of castle wall XL B.
Pinkie: dragons tail BM305, sort of castle wall XL B.

Her ingenuity here is really astounding. She used Seahorse images and wings from I think a bat to create a really amazing design, complete with castle walls! Way to go Diana, thank you again!

Intermediate Stamping: Kyoti's Nails

Jessica of Kyoti's Nails created some very clever imagery for her design! This stamping mani is based on Lord of the Rings, which is a really cool way of interpreting the contest :) After all, Tolkein based much of his fantasy world on the real one!

Here is what she has to say about her design:
This manicure was inspired by Tolkein's Lord of the Rings--my very favorite movie trilogy. It was very hard to show the crown on my middle finger and the holo glitter on my pinky so I've put two photos together. 
From pinky to index, my nails are as follows: 
Vines for elves, immortal, wisest, and fairest of all 
A shattered stone for dwarves, great miners and crafters 
A golden crown for men, who above all else desire power 
A silver horse for the Rohirrim, the horse-lords 

Thank you Jessica and congrats!

Beginner Stamping: CrazyNailLady

Yes, the next two did not include the paper in their hands but I made sure they were made for this contest :) I absolutely love the colors Kelly used here and I love her inspiration, the will-o'-the-wisp! This is a well known phenomena all over the world and has inspired artists and writers for centuries. 

Thank you very much Kelly!

Freehand: Countess Nails
(can be found in the photo albums)

What can I say? This freehand phoenix blew us all away. It is so painstakingly painted! And using nail polish from Tip Top nails. Thank you so much for entering, Samantha! 

Other Entries

Thank you to everyone who entered!!! I mean EVERYONE! You are all talented and inspiring. It was difficult to pick winners from this pool and maybe you will see why!

"Tristan and Isolde"

"The pointer is the goblet with the potion, the middle is Triston, the ring is Isolde, the pinky is white to represent the white sails, and the thumb is black to show the black sails."

"A sword"
"Greek Mythology"

"Medieval Design"

Judy Y.
"Medieval Tapestry"


I hope there are MORE stamping contests in the future! Sorry if this one was a bit hard :)


  1. Ahh thank you <3...also for hosting such a cool and really challenging contest. Love all the entries..and that phoenix wowie. Congrats to all the winners. X