Monday, August 27, 2012

Stamping Sunday: Pink Cameo

Sunday's stamping challenge was Pulsating Pink or Purple 

Well, I think I took it down another road, haha! I had to use my new cesarsshop.fl plate which has a large cameo on it. I had been searching for a beautiful cameo plate! This is kinda big (it takes up almost the entire width of my nail) but I LOVE IT. I actually squealed and jumped up and down when I managed to stamp the white cameo lady over the gold to make this effect.

Everything else is kind of an afterthought in this mani, haha! I used Mash, BundleMonster, and RedAngel plates to do everything else. The pink base is a franken I made called Cameo Pink. It is much brighter than a normal cameo and not so jelly/translucent but I will end up changing it down the line anyhow :)

I am pretty much in love...


  1. Very very nice. Looks like something from Shakespeare's time.