Saturday, September 22, 2012

Golden Duochromey Goodness

2 posts back to back! It is like I am a blogger again or something. Hehe!

China Glaze Rare and Radiant! When I was wearing this, I went to Meijer and found 2 dupes to this by Maybelline and Sally Hansen...But at least I only paid 3 bucks for this at CosmoProf :D That is still cheaper than both of those brands AND I have 15mL of this stuff. w00t

This is a franken mix I made as I was inspired by adding aqua shred to gunmetal glitters...the golden green was inspired by the main color of this polish and the aqua by the duochrome flash. It also has garnet hexes, purple squares, and copper bar glitter. You can get the glitter mix on the GLITTER MIXES tab at the top of the page! It is called BEST DRESSED.

Editorial, darling.

I made it work!

This is after a day of wear so there is a little tip rub off going on. Still a sweet color. I think it looks good with my skin tone but is a little too flashy for work-wear.

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  1. I LIKE this combination! I actually picked up Just spotted the Lizard and mer-maid for eachother (who are both in this family) off my shelf today and thought, "Needs something. NEEDS something. But what?" Basically spent a long time puzzling over combinations and came up with nothing. DO NOT stamp white over either of these, is what I got out of it.

    This glitter mix is so perfect. LOVELY!