Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sally Hansen Lava

I have been SO BUSY lately!! Sorry for not posting so much.

My mani for Saturday was Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava. I managed to snag this one off of a display at my local Meijer. I had no time to clean up my mani or anything :/ I had to run off to take photos with my family, hang out at Oktoberfest (I know, it is September), and it was my brother's birthday. 

This is 100000x times better than Bad Fairy or Poison Apple (and sorry for the tip wear! I didn't wash between taking off my polish and putting base coat on >< )

I put it on over OPI Royal Rajah Ruby. OPI shimmery vamps always fall flat on me so I just use them for undies. 

This is one of my favorite polishes ever. I am going back for a back up (or two!)

It is purple-y when angled down


That is all.

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