Sunday, September 9, 2012

Stamping Sundays: Toxic or Poisonous

So I added *venomous* things, oh well! This was my vision for this "Toxic or Poisonous" mani and I was going to stick with it!!

Base: Essie Mojito Madness
Red: BM 12, MyOnline Shop Red stamping polish
Black: H19 on thumb and MASH plates on all other nails, Konad Black stamping polish

A snake a snake, ohhhhhh it's a snake

Some crazy coloring in this photo!



I've wanted to use these animal stamps for awhile now. I also like the red tribal flamey thing. I think it is simple and sleek, for a stamped animal mani :P I was going to do mushrooms but I only have one mushroom stamp and I kinda hate every nail being the same unless it is over a duochrome or something!


  1. I likes it. I think the spider/flame combo is awesome. :) Does Mojito madness stain at all? I'm on a quest for a green creme that won't stain my nails.

  2. Nice! The red flame really sets off the creepy-crawlies!