Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Rainbow Honey -The Yokai - in Kitsune

Rainbow Honey's The Yokai Collection
October 13th it goes on sale at the above link!

Yokai are spirits in Japanese folklore, which is a WONDERFUL theme for a Halloween nail polish collection from your favorite otaku indie, Rainbow Honey! Well, they are my favorite anyhow :D

Each represent a particular kind of Japanese spirit.

This is a limited edition set of GORGEOUS shimmer/glitters in golden brown with golden flakies and pink/purple sparkle (Oni), maize camel with orange glitter (Kitsune), and a deep navy shimmer with intense silver and rainbow sparkle and flakies (Kawako)

Here is KITSUNE! 

From Rainbow Honey's press statement:
"KITSUNE: the magical white fox"

I did not get any photos without topcoat :( It is a lot grittier than ONI was and took 2 coats of GELOUS with some fast dry topcoat on it. 

I did get a good idea of how this polish wears because ALL of these photos have at least 4 days of wear. Seems crazy, huh, but look at that GAP ;) I got minimal tip wear, too! 

The polish is a bit like China Glaze Classic Camel in the base color (which, full disclosure, I did not like and got rid of) but it has a lot of gorgeous golden shimmer, small orange hexes, small orange holo hexes, and tiny brown glitter. The glitter is what makes the polish dry rough but I forgave it for being so awesome.

Normally, I hate this kind of pale maize camel color but it just seems to...go with me, hehe. I was worried about the holo glitter BUT it seems to only glow orange and green and occasionally gold.

I had to amp up the nail art this time!

Since a Kitsune is a fox spirit, I thought it would be cute to paint a ghost fox! It looks bright but I added some jelly white over it to fade out the color. 

oops, this is not using flash but lamplight!

It has two tails to represent its power. They can have up to nine. 

Then I mattified it to give it a ghostlier glow

So painting a fox is kinda hard, hehe. I hope it resembles one as much as it can.

How would I rate this polish on a scale of 1-10?
Uniqueness: 10
This is REALLY unique! I mean, how many pale golden yellow polishes with tiny orange and brown glitter have you seen?!

Formula: 6
It was SOO clumpy but I managed to get it on. The edges of my nails were kinda hard to polish because they would get clumpy with the little glitters. It took some wrangling. It also needed 2 coats of GELOUS and top coat to get even.

Payoff: 10
OK, the payoff was worth it. Just look at the photos :D The photos are even 4 days of wear and it is STILL gorgeous. No chips, no peeling, very little tip wear. And the colors SCREAM fall. I mean, this is the perfect polish for going to a pumpkin patch or orchard!

KITSUNE rates a 9 for me by those standards

All 3 polishes were sent to me for my honest review.


  1. I LOVE the fox nail art you added to this! It's perfect for the theme of the polish plus it's super cute. Awesome. :D How limited IS this edition? Do you know?

    1. Thanks a lot! :)
      I am not sure how limited it is, but I would assume it is staying for Halloween and will then be gone. That is just a wild assumption :O Maybe you can ask on Rainbow Honey's FB wall?