Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bright Night Sky Clouds

I felt the need for freehand (and to use my new Nostalgic Labyrinth collection) so here goes!

I was inspired to do a bright night sky. I have been wanting to do a full "cloud" mani for awhile. This is a freehand nail art but it is SO EASY to do! When you mess up the cloud bumps, you can just make it a little bigger. No biggie! 

My base is China Glaze First Mate. My husband thinks this is "the best color you have ever worn." *eyeroll* It is pretty but come on, a dusty blue?!?! Note: he is red/green colorblind so I am thinking blues show up best for him?

With Chilly Down over it

The light blue is Zoya Kristen and the bright blue is Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. See the ring finger? I messed up and had to make my clouds bigger! 

Chilly Down is a pinky-purple/blue duochrome shimmer-glitter. Or whatever you call that texture!

Daylight photo. Sure, if it were the real night sky, the clouds would be grey but I wanted to use some of my untrieds (cough, Kristen and Pacific Blue, cough). 

By the way, I will be purging again soon. I am moving in probably 2 months so I need to slim down. My helmer has 4 full drawers O_O and I have colors I do not like but keep them for nail art. I am making the transition to acrylics (which I have but don't use) soon! 

I will also be selling frankens I have made but never use. Don't worry, they won't be costly, but I will keep my $10 limit on blog sales.


  1. I don't know how this color would look to a color blind, but it is a gorgeous color and I really love the cloud that you added to it. I really must try it too!