Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jade Nail Polish Frankens

This is not about the Chanel color Jade! Just to clear it up.

More like the actual gemstone Jade. But, I will add a small franken tutorial for Illamasqua Nomad-esque color polishes. 

First, Jade!

Many people have been do you get a real jade colored nail polish? The answer is surprisingly simple.

First, start with a bottle of clear polish (not fast dry) and make sure there is enough room for about 2-3mL of polish. 

These are the polishes I used:
Golden Rose 325 and 327, NYC Lexington Yellow, Essie Waltz
(not pictured: the clear and one drop of grey polish!)

These Golden Rose polishes may not be readily available to you. I ordered mine from Golden Rose USA's website. They are neon jellies (but not SUPER BRIGHT). In their place, you can use a neon green or bright green and a sky blue. Since these are jellies, I added more than I would with a standard-pigment polish. 

Add the green first. One drop at a time, try to get just enough color to evoke the jade green you are trying to create. Then, when you have that, add blue one drop at a time. Add as much blue as you would like; jade is very variable! For mine, I added about 8-10 drops of jelly green, 5-6 drops of jelly blue, 2-3 drops of yellow, and 3 drops of Essie Waltz. Any white jelly will do; if you only have cremes try to use up to 3/4 less polish! Meaning, you may want to use more clear than I did. I used about 7-8 mL of clear (what was left in my bottle)

I added a little grey to give it an earthier look. It is a little brighter and slightly more yellow in person.

What would you wear this over?

For starters, I would use this as a base for a glitter gradient or over a couple coats of white jelly like Essie Waltz. I think it would be nice by itself with about 3-4 coats. It would even be fun as a jelly sammitch with small, sparse glitter polish. You could also add some shimmer!

Now for the bonus, some frankening in the Illamasqua Nomad/Color Club Age of Aquarius color range. 

This is the polish I used for my Nomad-esque jelly. It is a no-name Studio M (They make Color Club and some other polishes) and I think that it is like China Glaze Four Leaf Clover or even like Color Club Wild Child (I don't know as I don't have it and photos lie). I am not sure, this is a photoshopped photo. It photographs as a pure teal-turquoise when in reality, it is a BRIGHT green that leans blue. 

How it photographs
How it looks

Essentially, by toning down the color with white, you can go from the Studio M/China Glaze 4Leaf Clover? polish to one that looks more like Illamasqua Nomad (which is VERY close in color to piCture pOlish Jade  [has shimmer] and Color Club Age of Aquarius [a little darker]). All I know is that this is THE worst color to try to photograh!!

This color family is very pretty, I hope you experiment a bit and show me what you make!!

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  1. I loved reading this! I can't wait to see you use these in nail art!