Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teal Tuesday: Freestyle...I am here, I promise!

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately. I have been kinda well...relaxing. Weird feeling! I have my thesis done outside of any edits from my committee (who I meet with next week) and I defend on the 25th of June. I could, you know, fix my resume and apply for jobs, but somehow relaxing is more fun, lol.

Oh and I got a package from my bestest German pal!! Some of you who purchased from my blog sale got some of the samples. I am too afraid to use them most of the time, afraid that I will be addicted to something expensive O_O Like that dang Jurlique rose hand cream, I love it so much but $45 for a tube, no thanks!

It is pretty much an epic haul. I told her I was getting into white polish so she sent me some haha

Off to the Teal Tuesday mani!

I used Essie Turquoise and Caicos as a base and KBShimmer Proud Peacock on top. This is two coats of each polish. I should have stuck with one coat of the glitter!! I recommend only one coat. I was watching The Tudors and I got distracted and only noticed the difference in one coat over two as I went to do my right hand ><

I am holding a mini Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume, hehe

It is a pretty bright turquoise over a turquoise polish. The base color is a little cloudy so that's why I am recommending one coat of this glittah.

I love this more than any Nerd Lacquer :P

Even if my gap is HUGE and I still have a little glitter on my pinkie skin.... ><

So since I held one of my perfumes, i figured I would show you my newly organized collection. The Pacifica Avalon Juniper perfume in the bottom right is my husband's! He loves juniper berries. I have a lot of indie samples and 5mL perfumes (Well not a LOT but comparatively). I bought most of these with my graduation money. No one got me a present they just handed me cash or gift cards. JUST HOW I LIKE IT!

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  1. Wow that is packed with glitter! I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award :)