Thursday, May 31, 2012

Recent Stamping Manis

Sooooo I guess I was in a shiny duochromey polish with black stampey on top of it kinda mood lately!

I have been relaxing a bit too much. So today I have been refining my thesis, waiting for more feedback on it. Such a go-getter, haha not really.

This is Essence Just in Case, Pixel Polish Oh Golly Gee! (only 2 thin coats, it barely shows in photos and the duochrome doesn't come out unless it is over black BUT it added nice sparkle!), and DRK-B stamping in Konad special Black.

With the bottles!

The next one was a monster to photograph. People have been trying to take photographs of this polish to capture every multichromatic bit but honestly, you have to take a lot. of. pictures. 

It's HITS Mari Moon Cutie Pie!!

UPDATE: MASH replaced the missing plate; they said that they had sent emails but I only got the one confirming they shipped out the plate. They were eager to make things right after they realized that I had been sending emails and not getting any in return. It was a good outcome.

On a foil-covered journal!

On a rose! Those are little black rhinestones btw

The flash made it tealy blue, the unnatural lighting made it purpley. Yay for stamp manis! 


  1. Wow, the shift on that duo is so amazing, and your stamp design looks fantastic with it!

    1. Thank you very much! The stamp designs are great :)) My skills, ehh ;)