Friday, March 9, 2012

A Few Recent Manis

This is a Konad I did recently in some of my favorite colors!
Thumb: Sally Hansen Mint Sprint; Index: Essence Go on Green; Middle: China Glaze Aquadelic; Ring: Sally Hansen Jade Jump; Pinky: Essence U Belong to Me

The design is a curved Konad design that I used at the moon of the nail instead of the tip. I loved this mani but I think the Julep Nail Treatment base coat was making it chip like crazy. Made me so mad! 

For this mani, I used Wet n Wild Haze of Love (my favorite reddish color!) as a base and tried a sponge-gradient with Missha JRD01

It...sorta worked! I got wear really fast, again, the Julep Nail Treatment is not a good base coat :(

And this is the one I am taking off tonight. I got Nails Inc. Belgrave Place and Sephora by OPI nail jewelry top coats in Indi-go With the Flow and Traffic Stopper Copper. Here is something I found out about colors this pigmented: You need to wait until the base coat is fully dried before putting on glitter. Yes, it sank into the base coat AND got dyed purple! So now I know! I tried laying down a coat of Indi-Go with the Flow (sank, dyed purple) and a thin layer of TSC ( and I finally just waited over night for it to dry before putting another coat of glitter on. 

Ultimately, I had some failures this week! I am going to be Konading this weekend, though, so I always have fun with those. I also got a Scrubby Tub from Target to test out its glitter removal potential. I hate wasting foil :( 

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