Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stamping Sunday: Black and White Layered Stamping

I got my Cheeky XL plates this week!! YAY!! I got B and C and I decided to do this Black and White stamping challenge using Cheeky B. B has mostly organic and natural designs.

What did I use?
Konad Special polish in Black and White (for the top-most stamps)
Essie Waltz for the understamping on the black nails
Black jelly franken for the understamping on the white nails
White nails are painted with Sally Hansen White On
Black nails are painted in WnW Black Creme

No, I did not clean up this mani very well. I had a lot to do today (and I shouldn't be posting now!) but I think it looks fine even without being perfect. 

I chose the understamp specifically because it had thinner lines and a repeating pattern. The stamp over it is a thick lined, high contrast overlay. I am pretty proud of it!! :))

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  1. This is really gorgeous. I love monochromatic manis :)