Friday, March 23, 2012

Girly Girl Gold and Pink Stampicure with bonus Gradient!

I will be honest: if I ever had a pink mani, I blocked it from my memory. When I saw this polish (Pretty in Pink) in the Dollish Polish store, I had to have it! Or at least get a mini since I don't wear them a lot >_>
It is slightly duochromey, with a pink-blue and pink-orange shift. It was a little hard to work with but that may be because it is a bit sheer. I globbed it on and it got a little bubbly. That will teach me to be impatient!

And then I had to stamp over it!

I used a Hello Kitty Gold Star gradient on the ring finger and DRK-A for the stamping with Sally Hansen Gold Chrome. It is a little crooked but I was still learning! 

After this mani, I decided that the side-to-side roll method of stamping is preferable to the "Stick it in the middle and move side to side" method O_O 

I was happy with it, though! :)

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