Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Post About Cleanup

Hello again, I am a posting fool this week while trying to put off writing another chapter of my thesis...!

I have a special topic today, that of cleanup!

Because the ELF concealer brush did not work for me for cleanup (too thick and the bristles were short!), I decided to get out one of my flat topped acrylic brushes out for modification.

This is a synthetic brush and was in a package of 8? for $2.99 or something at Hobby Lobby.
It used to be flat! I kinda snipped here and there to get it to a decent shape. Notice that I thinned it; I did this by razoring down the sides at the top of the bristles. I did this along the edges, as well, to make it less wide.


Here, I am pretending to clean up my nails. Just demonstrating how it can leave a small gap. 


Closeup! Note: this mani did not get a cleanup! :O

From the previous post, a close up of an actual cleaned up mani!

And another one! (piCture pOlish Jade)

I have been using it when I feel like it (and mostly on my right hand...) for a few months and it is pretty awesome. I feel like a longer bristle with a shorter width and thinner profile definitely helps. I can be more precise and get a thinner cleanup line.  Maybe this can help those who need to make a better cleanup brush and can't slap down the $$ for a nice kolinsky!

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