Friday, March 2, 2012

Layered Stamping in Purple

I really love the Konad/Fauxnad technique of nail art. When I am feeling uncreative, I can simply search through my plates and find a design that I like. I decided on purples because I just received 11 Essence Colour and Go polishes from an Ulta order this week. No More Drama stood out to me and I had to try it! 

 The base is Essence No More Drama with a fancy "wallpaper" of WnW On a Trip and a top (Gardenia?) stamp layer of Zoya Pinta. The fancy design comes from the Brazilian stamping plate I bought and the flowers come from (I think) Konad m57.

I love this mani and I may not take it off tomorrow! It is probably the girliest manicure I have ever put on my nails!! ^_^

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