Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stamping Sunday (playing catch-up!): 80s Circles Skittles!

This week, the theme is circles. Bright skittles, circle fauxnad...awesomesauce!

I used a Red Angel plate and Konad Special Black. The purple, orange, and pink are from a Sally Hansen mini Insta Dri polish set. They are not as good as normal Insta Dris, tho :(
The blue is Sinful Colors Grecian Sun and the green-yellow is Sinful Colors Innocent

I got a little crazy the next day....

...and added some Sticks and Stones!

WARNING! SC Innocent STAINS! This mani is from over a week ago (March 11th) I still have stains on my naked middle finger nails :(

This Sunday, it may end up being Black and White as a theme! So excited!

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