Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some recent frankens

Hello all! I have recently putzed around with some indie polishes (top coat glitters) and wanted to share my results. I got some new glitters and New York Summer jelly polishes (LOVE these for frankening) so I had some fun.

First up! I call this one "Choke on my Eleganza!" after a line in RuPaul's Drag Race, one of my absolute favorite shows. Sorry for the hairs in the photos, I moisturized and I have 2 cats. O_O

Yes, I love this polish! 

What I used:
LA Girl Glitter Addict in: Euphora, Aqueous
A teeny bit of Jordana Celebration and Celestial
LA Colors Silver Glitter
Wet n Wild Black Creme (for the jelly base)
Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope
Pure Ice Once Again

Now for some franken swatches!

Left: One coat over Sa-Greena, Middle: Two coats, Right: Three coats

Polishes used
L to R: Wet N Wild Sa-Greena the Teenage Witch and The Gold and the Beautiful, Essie Going Incognito, Kleancolor Gold Tiara and Chunky Copper, LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flash and Flamboyant, franken bottle.

Here, I messed around a bit with Essie Candy Apple, All that Glitters Spottie Dottie Light and Dark, Dollish Polish Puttin on the Ritzzzzz, and Spoiled Shuffle the Deck (which is a horrible franking polish! so sparse!)

The middle is a jelly franken made from NYS Amaranth and Hot Sky Blue. The purple franken was made with a $1 holiday Hard Candy mini as was the one on the right. The purple is kinda indigo and was colored with Nails Inc. Belgrave Place and NYS Hot Sky Blue. The one on the right was the same color combo as the middle franken but with some of the Hard Candy silver sparkle base.

This one is fun. I used NYS Hot Purple as the base and added LA Girl Glitter Addict in Euphoria, Sephora by OPI in Indi-Go with the Flow (light indigo glitter), some bits of pink and purple glitter from another franken (not much), and All That Glitters Spottie Dottie Light for the white glitter. 

The blue on the left: 2 coats (thick coats) NYS Hot Baby Blue and NYS Hot Sky Blue with Dollish Puttin on the Ritzzzz, Dollish Random Dancing, and Spoiled Trust Fund Baby. I LOVE THIS ONE!
The coppery gold: LA Girl Glitter Addict in Flare and Flamboyant, China Glaze Blond Bombshell, and...that is it! A simple but dense franken (That is one coat!)

Hope you liked them!

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