Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nail Stamp Layering: A Basic Tutorial

Before I begin, let me share a little advice with anyone reading this: Test your stamping on paper before doing your mani! I say this as someone who fails to do this on a regular basis, hehe. But truly, it saves you from having a design you are not happy with and helps you test the opacity of polishes you are using for stamping. 

For this design, I knew I wanted to make a mani to do this tutorial, so I chose to keep the color scheme monochromatic. This is easier for beginners and I just know most nail addicts have at least one color group over-represented in their stashes ;)

The base I am using is Essence Gleam in Blue, a frosty, shimmery medium blue.

For the second step, I am choosing to use a bottom stamping layer as a sort of "wallpaper" background for the top two layers. 

So I chose a color that was noticeable on the base color but also subtle. In the photos below, it appears more bold than it does in real life. I used Sally Hansen Barracuda for this layer because it is relatively transparent and light colored. 

On the index finger, I have stamped the second layer in Kleancolor Retro Green (I know, it is really blue). I stamped this on paper to test the contrast first (Sorry it is smeary).

My final element or the top layer of stamping is in Konad Special White to really pop from the background. All of these designs are on the Cheeky XL C plate. Experiment a bit and see what works!

I think it looks a little like embroidered blue jeans, what do you think?

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